What do you really care about?

Selfishness comes from the mind, emotions and our will.

1 John 2:15 - 16: Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.

What do you really care about, “ if you love the world, and the love of the father is not in you. We can't have both, you can't love the world and love your own selfishness.

The lust of the eyes, the desires of your soul and the pride of life. That's your Reliance, your relying on yourself and not on the Father.

Do you trust in you or God, and what percent of your time are your desires the same as God. Desires are directed by God and you relying totally on God. Selfishness is the basis of all sin because why do I send against you to get my needs met. We either love God and love others, or we love ourselves and that is called ( Self Focus.)

Conquering the Flesh

The only way to love God is to give our lives to Him. You can't love both God and Mammon. Selfishness will stop you from your goal of godliness. To be conformed to the image of Jesus, how much was Jesus selfish. How much did Jesus look out for himself, and how much did Jesus look out for others.

Weak believers tend to favor to follow the will, the mind or the emotions. Instead of living by the Spirit and follow after the Spirit. They live to themselves, meeting the needs of the self in the power of the Soul.

They worry about the future, they compare themselves to others. He tries to understand his mind, instead of his spirit. He has a self-righteous attitude, he's on the emotional rollercoaster. Over sensitive to others and selfishness is the center of the heart. They seek after experiences, and the lust of the eye. Never having enough and always wanting more.

Spiritual Power

What are you, a spirit, soul and body. Your spirit is made up of your intuition. That is your ability to just know things. You're conscience tells you what is right and wrong. Communion is that ability to connect with God and to experience God.

According to the Bible, mankind is distinct from all the rest of creation, including the animals, in that he is made in the image of God. As God is a tripartite -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- so man is three parts -- body, soul and spirit. In the most explicit example from Scripture of these divisions, the Apostle Paul writes:

Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:23 NASB).

​The Bible tells us, that the old man was crucified with Christ. That you were in Christ, and was on the cross with Him. Because you're now in Christ today and the old man died on the cross with Jesus Christ. You must have a spiritual born again occurrence, because the old man died on the cross.