Time to Drain the Christian Swamp

Time to Drain the Christian swamp

Check out about Pastor Paula White and Pastor Benny Hinn. Benny admits they had “sex with Paula White. Benny came forward in an exclusive with Charisma magazine. Pastor Paula White needed money for her ministry. She wanted a big donation for her Ministry, Pastor Benny was happy to help, but Benny wanted a piece of Pastor Paula White. Modern-day religious prostitute, part of the Christian Freak Show.

This is about the same time Trump and Paula White, took some picture together. She wanted another big donation. Maybe that's why, Trump will never show his Taxes. 

But that is why the Christian church has their own Christian Media Network. ( To cover up the truth just like the secular world. ) 

They are corrupt and disgusting, like TBN, Day Star and many more. In the Christian Church, Paula White = heretic, false teacher, snake oil salesman, charlatan, beggar, adulterous, great deceiver…preaching unsound doctrines, false gospel, prosperity gospel rather than true gospel. And this is the woman who has President Trump’s ear and he considers a “true Christian.

Author: Francis Tomi