A. The National Enquirer is the nation's most read newspaper!

1. Each year it publishes the nation's leading "prophet's" predictions for the coming year.

a) So far they have predicted that "inflation would be stopped dead in its tracks".

b) That discoveries for the cure of cancer, tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, the common cold and even the ageing process itself would be ours by now.

c) They predicted that food prices would be drastically reduced, that Ronald Reagan would leave his wife, that Muhammad Ali would win a seat in Congress, and that the first human, red haired boy would be cloned in Ketucky!!

(1) Yet millions of people still read and believe in their credibility!

(2) You would think that even if they were impowered by the supernatural, they would have a little higher percentage of success!

(3) It is ironic, the Enquirer prints the success ratios of these "prophets"!

2. They point is this only God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent!

a) We can know the future only to the extent He will allow!

b) All other attempts are just that "attempts"!!

c) We do however, have in front of us this morning the greatest book of predictions ever assembled!

d) Whatever the Lord wants us to know about the future is contained in this book!