• A Cry Without a Voice45:34
  • 26:00
  • 26:00
  • 26:00
  • You Will Never See Death40:58
  • Revelation 149:32
  • Revelation 2-355:54
  • Revelation 4-61:14:00
  • wwnc2017070325:00
  • The Bible25:00
  • The Bible True25:00
  • You Will Never See Death40:58
  • John 12:25-5025:59
  • John-introduction26:00

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The Mind of Christ

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We help our peopel navigate those toughest of years.

Bible Study Prayers

  • 01. Come Unto Me4:02
  • Draw Me Close4:29
  • Be Where I Am5:31

In 1 Corinthians 2:16, Paul quotes Isaiah 40:13 and then makes a statement concerning all believers: “ We have the mind of Christ.” sharing the plan, purpose, and perspective of Christ. 

Obeying, praying in the name of Christ and according to the Will of God. 

Start a personal prayer revival, to your daily life.

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